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49ja TV

49ja tv, What is 49ja tv, How to access it and how to win 49ja


hello guys so this is Rae once again
and in today’s video, we will be looking at something very um fascinating
we’re going to be looking at the 49ja TV okay
I want to look at how you can use the iGamer app with the 49ja TV

Now for those who don’t know what the 49ja TV is, I’m going to be doing a little introduction on that but
before then let me log into my account
okay so I’m logged into the account now
let me check the market trend
okay 50 so the market has been good all
this while and it just predicted the red
Now red three plus and that also won so
if it’s not going down the market Trend
will become 60 except the last one below
has gone off
okay so I hope you guys are
having fun with Market Trend and having
success you can always send your
results to me if you get something great
so you say routine field row nine one
row eight one row six field row five one
row four one row two one so that’s a
very beautiful Market at here
four zero zero seven
it predicted green and green for plate
here predicted blue blue three blade
here a predicted blue it failed here
predicted green it failed here predicted
green it won
so you see it predicted red now again
and it also won so the market has been
beautiful so it could enter 60 if the
other one has not dropped okay you see
the market is 60 right now so out of the
10 draws that are here 60 of them
predicted were one
so six six of them that were predicted
one so if you check the analysis here
the market Trend analysis here row 10
win for three plus with result on row
so row nine win
zero nine two three plus
it won
Seven Fields six one row five one row
three one row two one so that’s a
winning streak of one two three four
four winning streak on a row
so that’s how we got a 60 Market Trend
so now one of them has drop off making
it fifty percent now drop off down here
disappeared gone out of the 10 draws
that we can view
okay so we’re going to be going back to
the main
um topic of the video today which is for
Niger TV so for those who don’t know
what for Niger TV is I’m going to switch
where we can have that I’m going to
switch to where we can have that
for Niger TV so this is the four Niger
TV basically this is used
at the shop at the foreign
people can easily place a bed right
there uh predicting what will come and
if they win the shop manager will pay
them whatever they win okay so we have
built the
um I gamma AI prediction app to be able
to also you know capture this now the
thing is the same algorithm the maze
algorithm that is used in predicting the
furniture the one we’re playing online
is the same thing that is used here
but you just need to understand a few
things a couple of things that are a
little bit different now this one does
not come out in few seconds this one
takes five minutes I think so for each
draw to come out it takes some time more
than the other one then the color here
his red blue and yellow
so just like we have on the live app Red
blue right we have a red green and blue
so here
is red blue and yellow so you’re going
to assume the yellow here to be the
green okay that’s just what you’re going
to do
every other thing is the same thing red
is red blue is blue and the green is
so see the two section here the green
there is yellow here then the blue is
still the blue here okay
so now
this um is not active because it’s
designed for
a TV or a PC
so that’s why it’s not active here but
if I refresh I think we’ll see the
letters of the board I don’t think it’s
real time because so right now this is
id977281 so let’s refresh and see what
281 that was the last so you see now we
have two a two here nine seven seven two
eight two which means that after five
minutes they’ve been a new draw so after
another five minutes they’re about to be
a new draw so let’s follow through
at this point here ID
274 that is down down here we can’t
really see it clearly but it’s here the
algebra are predicted a red to win and
in ID 275 three red one here
now in this 275 the eye gamma have also
predicted a red to win but that failed
because yellow five yellow one year and
yellow in the sense on the other one is
okay on the mobile
um app for Niger on the mobile version
so now here
the eye gamer are predicted
okay you see another draw has just
dropped off now okay so it’s even
working even as it is now
so at this ID 276 the idea are predicted
a blue three it failed because a red
three one year then at this point he
predicted a green tree and it won
in id277 it predicted a green three and
it won so three yellow played here which
equals to Green okay
then here at this point I did two seven
eight the eye gamer are predicted
uh green three but it failed because
what actually played here is a red four
now here on ID 279 the eye gamer are
predicted already
and in one year which is a red four
played out here okay then on this id280
the eye gamer are predicted a red three
which failed here this is a known
the bracket
then here on ID 281 the algebra are
a blue three but the red three played
here so in a nutshell for those that
goes to play in the shop and all that
you can also use this the eye gamer app
it will predict and you will win okay
you will win but just know the
the two colors here the the yellow you
see here represents green but the other
two colors still remain blue and red
okay so what the yellow here is what is
green on the main app so so that should
in case if the agma app predicts a three
plus green you’re going to tell the shop
managers to play Yellow three plus for
you okay so that’s basically
um what it is the eigen app can also
predict what will play for the for the
for Niger you see in the bet9ja shop
okay and this is where it’s the screen
you see on the furniture this is a URL
to access it okay for nigeria.bet9ja.com
forward slash TV so this is called the
four Niger TV okay
so you can use it so the next draw is
going to come out and the igamer app
predicts red
it predicts a three plus rate so we just
wait for a while I think I told you it
takes about five minutes four
a particular draw result to come out
so we’re waiting for this so let’s
assume now we’ve told the shop manager
to play
so let’s see what comes out because it
predicts a red right now diagram are
predicted red right now on this
this is for those that go to the shop to
play on the shop you can use this to
make money right there in the shop just
like the igamer app you know works it’s
it’s powerful it’s you will not you
cannot stay in the shop and lose your
money it’s not possible because
technology artificial intelligence how
to make things easier things that
basically humans will need a lot of
energy and brain work and all that and
time and a lot of time to analyze and
calculate the system the AI would do it
under seconds making it very easy and
things these things are bought they are
not humans the human factors like
tiredness and fatigue and all that
cannot really come into play okay
so I don’t know if we have the time to
wait for this guy to come out with the
next draw
to come out in real time because we saw
the other one that came out in real time
we don’t really need to refresh so I
believe that even though refresh now
we’re not going to see it because
probably the five minutes or the time
duration they keep for a new draw to
show up has not elapsed
so but let’s just refresh and see
because we’re in 282 now okay this is it
here 283 okay now this also played a
draw a bracket so but you can also try
it on your own use the igamer app look
at the prediction and also compare it
okay with what you have here you see
that before you get to a few couple of
hands you win so in this particular draw
yeah I get my app the the the market
Trend here if you want to compare the
market Trend analysis here
here a loss here a loss here
he lost here it won here it won
and here it won so that’ll be about 30
percent Market okay
30 but two has already dropped off those
ones also won so it should be around
that forty percent but right now it’s
thirty percent just like the game app so
that would be all for now guys I wanted
to show you guys that you can use this
so this is the URL for
niger.bet9ja.com forward slash TV so
that’s the URL that they feed into the
TV you see iPhone I just shop so people
can come and
pick what they want to play and the shop
manager will play for you then if you
win they pay you so right now at this
point this is a green
so the bet9ja app
um the igamer app is predicting a blue
it’s predicting a blue three to play
we don’t know how long that’s going to
be to come out okay you see a blue three
one exactly so you see after refreshing
so at this point
283 the eye gamer are predicted a blue
three to play and a 284 exactly blue
three single nine single 6 and 36. so
guys that will be all for now at this
point you now know that you can use the
igamer app to win the four Niger game
you see at bet9ja Shops all over the
country so I expect to see in the next
bye for now

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