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ID Draw Hi Mid Lo Win Color Colors Total

What is MID

What is MID

MID is also another gaming option in the 49 balls gameplay and another peculiar thing about MID is it’s ODD. MID has about 26 ODD on a single Play

MID Odds

What this therefore means is that if you play a MID with any amount of money and win, the money will be doubled up to 26 times

For instance, if you play MID for N1,000 and win, your winning will be N26,000 in total gain. Due to the high state of MID’s Odd, MID rarely come as opposed to its counterpart HI and LO that comes frequently every 45 seconds

MID has 26 Odds

To be able to catch MID, I had to study and observe when it comes and I realized that MID usually plays in around the clock in-between an hour, both inside and outside the hour.

This is usualy done so to make things a bit confusing for you, so you won’t be able to get it easily. If it plays at the 20th minute now, the next time it might play at the 40th minute or the 50th minute, so playing and winning it luckily becomes a very slim possibility

After studying it severally, I was able to come out with the exact timing it plays out with a trading plan you can use for it in other to minimize your risk of losing money when trying to get it.

The timing are below;

After using this manually for months and it sticks consistently, we will build a MID Calculator or Tracker software that will beep and signal you whenever it feels that MID is about to drop in a draw

MID Time Tracker

MID has what I call the primary time and the secondary time, also MID can come once, twice or thrice in the view of the last 10 draws and this can be determined by the numbers of MIDs that showed up in the last track

MID Play Time

There are six different time Intervals you can track and win MID and each time is 10 minutes except for the Primary time which I kept at 19 – 20 minutes

Primary MID Time

MId can showup in between these 19 to 20 minutes and if you have good money in your Accout to try it in 20 minutes then give it a shot

NOTE: Always practice with DEMO to prove a strategy or Plan before putting it into LIVE use to avoid losing money unnecessarily. Also in the time, 11 here could be 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock or any other time moving into another hour

So 11:51 is building up to form 12:00 while 1:51 will be building to form 2:0 as well as others


Secondary MID Time

Sometimes MID shifts out of this primary time and plays out in the other timeframe, so study it and decide which MID time to trade with

1. The 40th minute MID

The 40th minute

This is MID coming in at the 40th minutes building up to the next hour earlier than the anticipated primary time of 11:51

2. The 00 minute MID

The 00 minute MID

This is Mid coming in after the complete buildup of that hour, 12:00 in this case

3. The 10th minute MID

This is a MID that has delayed and passed the primary MID time overflowing into the building of a new hour, that is 1:00 in this case.

So between 12:10 to 12:19, it will show up

4. The 20th minute MID

This is a MID that has decided to delay yet still into the 20th minute. So before it gets to the 30th minute, it will drop, so all you have to do is to follow your MID plan and keep doubling your trade till MID comes and catch up with your big stake and double up to 26 times

5. The 30th Minute MID

This is when the MID keeps lingering till it gets to the 30th minute building back to 40 again.

The best way to decide is to monitor one time and see if MID shows up, if it does up to 3, then there is a very slim chance of MID showing up in the next time interval, so allow the next time to pass and try the 3rd interval

Within these several timeframes you can use a trading plan to track, follow up and win MID but a few word of advice I would love to pass across to you are;

  1. Observe the last time interval before deciding to chase MID or not. If the last interval produced one or more MIDs, it is an indication that MID might not come in the next round or just 1 will show up
  2. Always ensure that you have money up to the trading plan before chasing mid. Using N3,000 to chase MID at N100 or more per hand is risky, that amount cannot take you up to 10 minutes
  3. Always Trade / Bet responsibly. Do not use the money you cannot afford to loose

Reference / Resources

iGamer MID Tracker – https://igamer.me/mid-tracker/ – 23rd March 2021


Now you know what MID is, how to trade MID, and the different time Intervals that MID shows up, you can start making some cool cash today by trading MID that has up to 26 Odd

Study and observe the different MID screenshots that we have made available to further understand how we came about these time intervals

MID Photo Gallery