What is Trading Plan

Let us take a look at the different trading plans that you can use for a successful Bet Trading on any of the Game play that you have choosen to engage with

Trading Plans are plans you use to follow through a bet trading process, this becomes important and serves as a risk management mechanism to help you manage risk when trading.

This is because 80% of the time when staking a bet, you are not always 100% sure that the draws will turn out in your favor, so by following a plan, you stake an amount that you can easily double if the draws go against your bet hoping that after several double-staking attempts, you will hit the right draws and all the money you had lost will come back

There are Trading Plans for every type of game play you choose

  1. MID Trading Plan
  2. Color Trading Plan
  3. 5+ Trading Plan
  4. 6+ Trading Plan
  5. Numbers Trading Plan
  6. HI/LO Trading Plan
  7. Bet Zero Trading Plan
  8. Dragon Trading Plan

Each of these Trading Plans helps you manage the risk of losing money by allowing you trade with smaller amount of money and only double then when you lose to later regain them all when you finally win

Resources / References

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Now that you have gotten all the Trading Plans, it’s time to decide what trading plan to go with and the budget you have got to run such plan