Blue 6+ Won through iGamer

6+ Blue – The blue guy could not escape my grasp 😋

Proof of payment, yesterday was a jolly good night. .😀😁😃😆😁😁😄😉🤓😎. Thanking God 🙏 in a trillion ways, the blue guy could not escape my grasp.😋



iGamer saved me with a 6+ Win

I was duped, and iGamer came to my rescue of N75,000 through a 6+ winning. I never knew I could win 6+ but they made it feel like a breeze, Thanks once again iGamer

Manny Ekpenyong


My First 6+ Won with iGamer

I have been Betting for years but have not been able to make the kind of money I made after I joined iGamer PRO, winning 6+ that seemed to be rocket science became a normal thing

Azeez Akeem


6+ Won 5 times

I have been Bet trading for about 3 months now and within these timeframes, I only was able to make peanuts, and most times, Bet9ja will take away all my Money. When I discovered iGamer, I started cashing out big time, winning five 6+ in a week.


Doyin Ajetomobi