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Return to Paris

Return to Paris

Return to Paris

In Paris, there is a museum that holds the world’s treasures. When night falls, these treasures become vulnerable to the sticky fingers of a notorious Thief, who is crafty and makes off with a treasure each time he “visits” the museum.

But the chase is on – the museum’s Cop is hot on the Thief’s trail! When the Thief and the Cop land adjacently on the reels, a Wild Explosion is triggered, turning all surrounding symbols to WILDS!

How to play

The clever game of cat and mouse is played out on the reels, in a constant cycle of steal and return between the Thief and the Cop. When 3 MONA LISA SCATTERS occur on the reels, the open-ended FREE SPINS mode begins, and your players can experience up to 1000 FREE SPINS as the Cop chases the Thief all around the reels! The Cop is always one step closer to his clever quarry.

STEAL-AND-RETURN – The Thief steals symbols from the museum, increasing a multiplier each time he steals that particular symbol. The Cop will return symbols to the museum, awarding the player that earned multiplier!

OPEN ENDED FREE SPINS – FREE SPINS mode lasts until the Cop catches the Thief, awarding many chances to win big!

WILD EXPLOSION! – When Thief and Cop meet adjacently on the reels, a Wild Explosion occurs! This turns all surrounding symbols into WILDS!

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