Lucky DiceLucky Dice

A classic dice game in which you can bet on the result of the roll of a pair of standard dice. If you guess correctly you win. Roll those dice!

Betting options

With Lucky Dice you can bet on a single number, on the total of the two dice being a Hi/Mid/Lo number or an Odd/Even number.

You also can put your money on Any Double, if you think the roll will result in two dice of the same value, or on Any Mix if you think the dice will be of different values.

How to play

Select the value of your chips. Place your chips on the appropriate betting spots and once you are happy with your selection, click on Roll to roll the dice and your bet will be placed.

The Auto Play feature allows you to roll the dice consecutively up to 25 times.

When the dice have been rolled, the result will appear in the top right corner of the game screen in the History Table, and winning betting spots will be highlighted. If you have a bet covering a winning betting spot, you win!

Lucky Dice-Play Game

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