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King of Ghost

King of Ghosts

King of Ghosts

Back in ancient times, legend has it, there was a King of Ghosts who made himself a home tucked away near the mountains in faraway China. He would balance his life amongst both the living and the dead, caring and protecting all wandering souls who needed some direction.

To this day, locals believe that you can summon this King if you hike to the top of the mountain tops. Only then will he protect you and perhaps lead you to the most enchanted wins.

The game

In this 5-reel 3-row slot game with 20 paylines you’ll find Chinese coins, a Chinese fan, a sword, and a golden bat. All prizes are for combinations of a kind. Matching symbols except for the Scatter symbol should be on enabled paylines and adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost. Scatter wins and line wins are also added. Scatter symbols count on any position on the reels.

For the numbers of Scatter symbols and combinations on each enabled payline, only the highest win is paid. All prizes in the paytable are shown for the currently selected bet and the number of enabled paylines in money or credits depends on the currently selected mode.

King of Ghosts-Play Game

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