49ja How to Play

49ja how to play – Let us take a look at how we can play the 49ja 49 ball game with the different available game play options

The game is an interesting and intriguing one that would get you so glued to your phone screen most especially due to the beautiful colour balls that rolls every 45 seconds across your screen

There are 10 different ways to play the 49ja 49 Ball game

1. Bet 49 Number Game Play

Bet 49

The Bet 49 Number Play option allows you to select 1, 2, 3, or 4 numbers that you believe will show up in the next draw. If you selected one and that number happens to show in the next draw, your earnings will double 7.8 times

What this means is that this gameplay option have a 7.8 odds and staking N100 will give you N780 if the number you predicted pulls through according to your prediction

Apart from Laptop, you can play this on your mobile phone, see below how the mobile phone interface looks like

Bet 49 Mobile

Bet 49 Gameplays and their Odds

  1. 1 Number – 7.8 Odds (N100 will double to N780 here)
  2. 2 Numbers – 70 Odds (With N100, you will win N7,000 here)
  3. 3 Numbers – 700 Odds (N100 here will give you N70,000)
  4. 4 Numbers – 7,000 Odds (N100 here will give you N700,000) But it’s hard to predict the next 4 numbers to draw

2. HI LO Gameplay option

HI LO Gameplay

The HI LO game play option allows you to predict between a LO, HI or a MID to draw next and if any plays out, you stake doubles 2 times which is 100% increment if your stake

MID on the other hand has a higher Odd of 26 as it rarely shows up compared to it’s siblings HI and LO

HI LO gameplay and their Odds

  1. HI – 2 Odds (N100 will produce N200)
  2. LO – 2 Odds (N100 will produce N200)
  3. MID – 26 Odds (N100 will produce N2,600)

3. Dragon Gameplay option

Dragon Gameplay

The Dragon Gameplay option allows you to choose up to 15 numbers that will possibly show up in the next game draw. To win, at least 3 of your number prediction must return and this carries 28 Odd

You must select up to 6 or more numbers to be able to place a bet.

Dragon Gameplay and their Odds

  1. 3 Numbers – 28 Odds (N100 will equal N28,000)
  2. 4 Numbers – 300 Odds (N100 will produce N30,000)
  3. 5 Numbers – 5,000 Odds (N100 will win N500,000)
  4. 6 Numbers – 500000 Odds (N100 will get you N50,000,000)

4. Rainbow Gameplay Option

Rainbow Gameplay

The Rainbow Gameplay option allows you to select the colors that will come in the next draw, this could mean 2 reds, 3 reds, 4 reds, 5 reds or 6 reds to return in the next draw.

Each number determines the Odd, the higher the numbers, the higher the Odds.

You could also say that no Red color will show up in the next draw and if paradventure no red shows up, you will win.

Let us take a look at the different gameplay options and their odds

Dragon Gameplay Odds

  1. No Color – 12 Odds (N100 will earn N1,200)
  2. 2+ Colours – 1.2 Odds (N100 will produce N150)
  3. 3+ Colours – 3.2 Odds (N100 will win N320)
  4. 4+ Colours – 12 Odds (N100 here will return N1,200)
  5. 5+ Colours – 85 Odds (N100 will give you N8,500)
  6. 6+ Colours – 1,500 Odds (N100 stake will earn N150,000)

5. Total Colour Gameplay Option

Total Colour Gameplay

The Total Color Game option allows you to choose the colour that will be greater in the next draw. This could be a green, a red or a blue.

Sometimes a NO COLOUR or a colour bracket situation occurs and this makes it the fourth way to play in this particular gameplay.

Let us take a look at the Odds of each of this games

Total Colour Gameplay Odds

  1. Green – 3.2 Odds (N100 will generate N320)
  2. Red – 3.2 Odds (N100 will win N320)
  3. Blue – 3.2 Odds (N100 will win N320
  4. NO COLOUR – 4 Odds (N100 will return N400)

6. Bet ZERO Gameplay Option


Bet ZERO Gameplay option is the last of the gameplay options and though the earning is low, it is a bit easier to predict than others

What it all entail is for you to predict at least 3 Numbers that will not show in the next draw, if those numbers doesn’t show up as predicted, you win

The time you play matters, from 12am to 2am hen long games are showing, don’t play

Betting Power: is the amount of money you have in your betting account multiplied by the number of times you can play divided by the longest interval a game can reoccur

Game Reocurence Interval: is the number of times the same game can reoccur in a straight line without any lapses

Risky Stud If the game reoccurrence is going more than your betting power, you can use a risky stud and switch the game from whatever it was to another game

NOTE: Always be conscious of the time and play on time. Whenthe platform says Late Play, Server Error, you could loose money in your Betting Account

The timer is 45 seconds, so whatever games you are trying to play has to happen within 45 seconds else you won’t be able to place a bet till the next game round

Stud Decision should be taken at the middle of 7, 8 or 9.

After building N5,000 on top your original trading money, withdraw it so that you will not be tempted to use everything as your betting power. Your betting power should still be what you had initially, always withdraw your game and only use the original betting stake

Keep using that same betting power until you have earned and withdrawn your original betting power thrice or 3 times

At that point you can also decide to build a new betting power, for example if you where betting with N50,000, you can then decide to increase it to N100,000

When using the lane pattern to place, as much as you can, if you have an extended betting power, don’t use stud nor switch, remain in your lane

When using the lane pattern and too much L or the game you are betting against is coming out too much, like reoccurring longer, in other not to finish or exceed your betting capacity,  Break and wait till that L trend reaches 6, 7,8, nd 9 or it comes to an end totally

Summary 49ja how to play

In summary, with this page on 49ja how to play, we now know how to play the 49ja 49 ball game and earn by so doing. We have seen the different variants available in the game

We have also seen how we can play multiple options at the same time from HI LOW, MID down to Colour Red, Green and Blue including but not limited to the NO COLOUR option