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How iGamer Soccer Trading Works

People have wasted lots of their hard earned money to Soccer Betting in a bid to Win somthing big. Well it is not that easy to win Soccer Bet without the help of Bots, AI and Data.

Relying only on Luck alone could take you years to Win and even after you win, it might not cover the money you had lost over the years. At iGamer we deployed a systematic Trading proceedures backed by Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bots and data to Win Soccer Betting.

Manual Trade

  • Register & Fund your iGamer Account.

    Select the amout you want to Bet, the system will show you amount and potential Win if the prediction is right.


    Your Bet is placed using our Bot Prediction for the day on the best Betting Platform there is with your ticket assigned to your Account


    Once the result is out, depending on the status, maybe a Win or a Loss, our Bot will mail you your Ticket for reference and Transparency purpose.


    If the Ticket won, everyone on iGamer who played the Game will also Win and your iGamer account will automatically increase. You will be paid minus iGamer’s 30%.

If you want to Automate the process and don’t have to login everyday to click on place Bet, use Autotrade instead.



    Select the amout you want to Bet but this time around Select Autotrade, the system will show you the total amount and trade duration, often 30 Days.


    The Bot will Schedule your Bet for 30 days and once the daily Game is available, the Bot will Place the Bot automatically .


    Each day your result is mailed to you. If you Win, your Balance will increase and you can withdraw. You will be paid minus iGamer’s 30%

  • You can always Cancel your Autotrade at anytime and Withdraw.