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49 Balls (49ja) Predictions

Get All Signals

Our Bot shows you Signals to trade 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+, and more with high accuracy and precision.

Realtime Signal

Our Signals are shown to you in real-time. When a new draw is shown, our AI analyzes and predicts.

6+ Signal

Win 6+ like a PRO with our AI-powered Bot Prediction system that predicts when the next 6+ will come.

5+ Signal

The 5+ Predictor is top-notch and can predict a single color, double or 3 colors to expect.

NOTE: Right-Click on Download Extension, then Select Save link as, a window to a folder where you will save it will show up, click on Save to download the Extension. If you click the Download Extension button directly, Chromium will try to add it automatically which will fail

Download Chromium Browser
Step 1

Download Chromium Browser

Our Extension was built for the official Chromium Browser, so if you don’t have a Chromium Browser installed on your system, you might need to download and install a copy.

To get Chromium, go to this website Woolyss to choose the right version based on your system, either the 64 Bit or the 32 Bit version of Chromium


Go to Extensions
Step 2

Go to Extension

Install Chromium, Launch the Browser and Go to the Browser’s Extension page. Click on the 3 dots, > More Tools > Extensions. You can also type this chrome://extensions/ in the Browser bar and hit enter, this will load up the Extension page

Enable Developer Mode
Step 3

Enable Developers Mode

Enable Developers Mode by clicking the Developer Mode Toggle Button by the Top Right Corner of the Extensions Page.

Open Download Folder
Step 4

Open Download Folder

Open your Download folder, to locate the Downloaded iGamer Extension. If possible, resize the screen for a possible drag and drop

Drag and Drop Extension
Step 5

Drag and Drop Extension

Drag and Drop the iGamer Extension to Install it on your Chromium Browser

Confirmation Dialogue
Step 6

Installation Confirmation

After Dragging and Dropping the Extension for Installation, a Confirmation dialogue will pop up to ensure you initiated the action, click on Add Extension to proceed

Extension Installed
Step 7

Extension Installed Successfully

If you got to this stage, it means that you have successfully installed Chromium Browser and installed the iGamer Extension too. Let’s set up and use the Extension

Pin Extension for Easy Access
Step 8

Pin the Extension

For easy access whenever you need to run the Extension, it is better that you Pin the Extension on your browser bar. Click on the Extensions icon, then click the pin icon beside the iGamer Extension to pin it

Launch Extension
Step 9

Go to iGamer.me and Launch the Extension

It’s time to launch the Extension. You can only Launch the Extension from iGamer or Bet9ja, so go to either of the sites then click the Extension icon to launch the Extension

Select an Option
Step 10

Select Game / Tool

The Extension can do more than just the Casino Prediction, so choose the option you need here. In this case, Casino 49Ball (49ja) Prediction

Launch Extension
Step 11

Launch the Extension

Now that you have been taken to the 49ja Game page, click on the iGamer Extension icon in your browser bar to launch the Extension.

Login to your Account
Step 12

Login to your iGamer Account

You will be presented with a login screen to log in and use the Extension. Provide your iGamer account details here. If you don’t have an iGamer Account, kindly Register for an account here

Step 13

Checking your Credentials

The system will check your iGamer login details to ensure they are accurate. Once they are confirmed, you will be logged in Successfully

Logged In
Step 14

Logged In Successfully

If your iGamer Account Login Credentials are accurate, you will be presented with the Logged In Successful Dialogue. This means you are in and ready to trade

Launch Extension
Step 15

Launch Extension

Now that you are all set with the Extension Installation, click the iGamer icon in your Chromium address bar to Launch the Extension. Our AI begins Analyzing for Predictions

Step 16

Get Predictions

Our AI starts Analyzing and shows Predictions right away. For each new Draw, it Analyzes and predicts what to play next with a Trading Plan you can use.

Change Gameplay
Step 17

Change Gameplay from Settings

The default Gameplay is 2+. You can change it to any other Gameplay of your choice from the settings page. Click on Settings

Extension Settings
Step 18

Settings Page

From here you can change Settings for your Gameplay, see your Account information and Account Balance. You can also change other settings like the Intensity Level and set your Game on Auto

Change Gameplay
Step 19

Change Gameplay

From here you can change your gameplay from 2+ to 3+ or 4+, even 5+ and 6+ respectively. You can also use the All Trading Option, this shows the prediction for all games at once