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Cards Hilo

Cards HiLo Casino Game

Cards Hilo

The classic Hi-Lo card game. You might think that the next card will be of diamonds, or maybe you expect it to be black, or lower than the one you have now. Whatever you think, just give it a go!

The game

Cards Hi-Lo allows you to bet on the suit, colour, or numeric value of the next card to be drawn. One single deck of 52 cards is used. There are three betting options. HI or LO, to bet that the next card drawn will be of a higher or lower numeric value than the card displayed. Suit selection, to bet that the next card drawn will be of the selected suit. Colour selection, to bet that the suit of the next card drawn will be red or black.

How to play

To play simply select your stake and click on New Game to receive your initial card, then select your bet option. The next card of the deck will be shown. If you guessed correctly you win. Every time you win you can choose to collect your winnings or roll them over to your next bet.

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