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49ja Color and Number Casino Game – How to Play

Win by selecting the correct outcomes of numbered ball draws. There are 6 different bet types you can place:


Predict which numbers will appear in the draw by choosing how many of your selections will the 6 numbers drawn march.

Bet Zero:

Predict that your selection will not be in the six drawn numbers.


The goal is to match a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 of your chosen numbers to the balls drawn.

Winning Colour:

Predict whether, among the 6 drawn balls there will be a majority of red balls, green balls or blue balls. In the event of a draw, the winning selection will be ‘draw’.


Predict the total combined value of the numbers drawn. Select if the total will be Hi, Mid or Lo


Select how many different colours of balls will be in the draw.
Use the Lucky Dip feature to get a random selection.

Bet Limits:

Any combination of bets can be made but not exceed Max stake limits per Draw, in this game.

  • Patrick Halliday
    May 4, 2023

    is over 3 weeks now my wallet has not been funded please make it happen.


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