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49ja sign up

49ja sign up – How to Signup with 49ja And Best 49ja Prediction App

hello guys so this is real once again
and in today’s video we’ll talk we’ll be
talking about four Niger sign up okay so
uh a lot of people have been
asking questions and um
getting themselves confused with
for Niger
sign up
now I think they are trying to
they are seeing for Niger as
uh platform or Standalone platform that
they could actually go and sign up or
create an account for
and before they can start using for
Niger so I want to clear that in and
bring in some light shade some light
into that um area so for Niger is
actually a sub domain on bet9ja so for
naija is owned by bet9ja
so in a large shell
if you have a bet9ja account it
automatically means that you have a full
Niger account okay
so you can use your phone like your
bet9ja account to log into for Niger
so it’s the same thing it’s the same
account you don’t need a different
account to log into for Niger okay
so people are searching for phone I just
sign up
people are asking how they can sign up
with for Niger no you don’t need to if
you have a bet9ja account already you’re
good to go then in the case where you
don’t have a bet9ja account
all you just have to do or maybe you
want to start using for Niger you want
to start trading you want to start you
know doing that all you need to do is to
go to
register.bet9ja.com okay
register.bet9ja.com so once you go there
and you’re able to register once you’re
done registering it automatically means
that you have a full Niger
account which is a bet9ja account which
is also a for Niger account so this is
the page you go to
register.bet9ja.com this is it
so once you get to this page this is
what you’re going to see
where you can open an account it’s
pretty simple and fast you put your
email an email you have access to so
that you can verify your account you put
your first name and your surname then
your date of birth and
promotional code this one is not really
that necessary then you click continue
you get to the Second Step going to ask
for a couple of other informations and
then the last step then your account
will be open instantly a verification
email will be sent to you with a link
where you have to click to verify your
once you’re done with that you can log
into your bet9ja account which is also
your furniture account and you can
deposit money and start trading
so that’ll be all for now guys I just
wanted to bring Clarity to this
so for those searching for or asking
about how to sign up for four Ninja
before Niger sign up
that is how you can sign up on for Niger
and for Niger account is the same thing
as bet9ja account okay
so keep watching keep learning and keep
winning bye for now

  • Kazkzrdlaw
    March 25, 2023

    interesting post

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