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49ja colour prediction

49ja colour prediction – Best ways To Predict 49ja and Win

#1 Top Rated Best 49ja colour prediction to Guarantee Winning Success in 2023



hello guys this is Rae once again from igamer.me
so in today’s video we’re going to be
looking at how to predict color
the next color that will play right
on the 49ja casino game
so we’re going to be looking at 49ja color prediction okay
so how can you know what color that will play next right

so now I’m going to be talking about different ways that you
can know the next color that will be
playing out and I’m also going to be
telling you how to use an AI to
determine this right so
first let’s load up the eye gamer app we
have here you can always go to igamer.me
to download this app okay so now while
the app is loading
there are a lot of
tricks a lot of patterns right that
people will give to you or people will
tell you that with this trick you can
know which color is playing next okay
so while we’re saying we click on the
demon so
with this trick with this pattern you
can know what color we play next I’m
already logged into my account and
the challenge with this is that
sometimes when they tell you that this
trick will tell you what color will play
sometimes they will tell you calculate
this and this and you will know what
will play the color that will play next
add this with this you know the color
that will play next if this color is
here and the other one is here you know
what that is playing next now you start
using it
today and tomorrow or you start using it
this month and everything is going fine
then tomorrow it stops working
now they will now tell you that oh
bet9ja has discovered the loophole and
bet9ja has closed that particular
um loophole no there is nothing like
that there’s nothing like a loophole
bet9ja does not discover anything but
not just not even looking at what you’re
doing okay as a matter of fact the draws
you see here that you’re seeing on this
phone Niger game is not generated by
there’s a third-party company of foreign
company and international sport betting
and casino gaming company that provides
this game to bet9ja bet9ja is only
connecting their system to read
to make it a casino game to make money
from it okay so they are not even the
ones so these guys are very strong they
are tough right
so the system has been built in such a
way that
it keeps changing
right that is why I talked about the
maze algorithm
that is the name I gave to read that
suits the way the system works
now there are 49 numbers here from 1 to
49 that is used in generating the draws
that is going to play each time and if
you’re good in math you will understand
49 factorial if we’re following the
pattern of 49 factorial that’s about 6
billion different types of result that
is possible between those 1 to 49
so the same thing that I played now
might take another years before it comes
back again
that’s just for the number factorial
they were not even talking about the
color combination we’re not talking
about so many other things okay
so it keeps changing they have a lot of
combination to bring in
a lot of combination to bring in so it’s
not a loophole it’s drifting it’s
changing the pattern keeps changing
every time because they have different
they cannot keep playing the same thing
so today that thing that you were
thinking that if this particular number
is here it will produce red if this one
is here to produce green that thing
that could be true for now in the
morning then in the afternoon it changes
or that could be true for today then
tomorrow it changes
okay because in the Maze algorithm they
have the primary algorithm they have the
secondary algorithm and they have the
tertiary algorithm at each of them
changes drifts
so it’s mixed to the point that it
becomes so good when I mean so good
that you cannot rely on the same
so I could go ahead and start giving you
all these tricks and pattern that people
are selling all over the Internet and
say play this when you combine this
color to give you this when you minus
this and add this you will see this call
and all that but those things will
change because the system is very
Dynamic it’s not static it keeps
changing at every point in time at every
second every minute every day every week
every month
it changes so we have stored thousands
and millions of this data and analyze
them and see how the pattern keeps
at every season at every time at every
week at every month it’s not the same
thing you expect
so that’s why
they can allow you to go ahead and enjoy
and be playing and be winning they know
that the season there will be a time
that the the the the the the algorithm
will shift and come to a few hours of
pattern so now in one hour
you could be using your analysis your
add one with two add minus two with this
color and it will give you red add this
one with this and you could be using
that and everything is going fine and
you’re enjoying you’re eating you’re
your money is going up
for one hour then in between that one
hour they will put a 10 minute that will
change that pattern to another pattern
entirely that does not respond to what
you were using then in that short period
of one minute
you play play play play play plan you
will lose your entire money everything
you came with and the one that you just
you know offered the one you want
everything will be wiped out then they
will return back again to that same
algorithm you were winning
or at that point in time or much later
so the only way you can use to follow
them consistently without having any
issue of the changes it’s an AI
and AI is powerful enough and AI is not
like a human being that will be tired
that will have fatigue and you know
the AI follows the pattern as the system
changes the AI changes too that’s the
reason why the prediction on the um eye
gamer app is
the accuracy is always constant
because the system is not using tricks
and all those patterns and all those
kind of stuff right it follows their
pattern as the change it changes too
it’s feeding on the data
okay so that is why even if you look at
the market analysis right now you see we
have a 30 percent
accuracy so it means in the 10 draws now
that played the last 10 draws that
three one
and seven failed so
and there are trading plan like for this
three plus nine there is a trading plan
that has about 14 to 15 iteration
so there’s within that 14 to 15
iteration I will not even play up to by
seven let’s assume that the thing even
won on the seventh iteration by seventh
iteration I’ve won my money and
recovered all my losses and make my
profit and start all over again okay so
that’s the beautiful thing about using
an AI
as opposed to using all those patterns
and tricks and all that
because those things are manually
analyzed which is tedious and time
consuming and frustrating and secondly
when they algorithm change they cannot
know when it changes and tell you to
change so like now let’s start from the
bottom row 10 here failed row nine one
so that second iteration I win then row
eight failed that I’ve started again
then row seven won
then you see row six failed row five
failed row four one
then I have to start again so that’s
three time winning so if I was in for
500 naira per iteration I would have won
like three thousand era already
okay you see then here fail here failed
row two
that is the best way
for you
to win for Niger color prediction that’s
the best way for you to know
the right color to play the next color
to play is to use AI to beat them not
tricks and all that
so this video on for Niger color
prediction has shown you how to do that
if you look for the past couple of
minutes while I was you know talking the
predictions here that it was giving you
was winning
it predicted a three plus blue here at
this particular place and the one you
see it just it just won three plus green
right now
at ID
3554061 which is the last draw this
button that has single nine single five
eighteen ten single 132 it predicted a
green three and in one year green three
then at three five five four zero six
two he predicted
a blue three and that loss because
actually a green tree played there then
at three five five four zero six three
he predicted a green tree and he played
the blue three in that noise then at
three five five four zero six four he
predicted a red three and a red three
one here
then at three five five four zero six
five a predicted Area 3 a green tree
at three five five four zero six six he
predicted a blue three a red three plate
so which means it lost there then adds
three five five four zero six nine
four zero six nine here which is 23 39
19 37 36 24 he predicted a blue three
and a beautiful blue three played
which is 8 23 14. then if you check the
market Trend Market rental shows you the
analysis of how many games have won and
how many games have lost out of all the
prediction that the AI has predicted in
the last 10 draws because these are the
last 10 draws that are visible
it shows you 40 percent and it gives you
a breakdown at what point they won and
at what point the loss
so guys that is how
to know the next color to play on for
go ahead and download the uh the igamer
prediction air prediction app install
and begin to trade and win stop using
tedious and manual processes that might
um cost you a lot of losses and also
tedious that might not you know know the
changes when the changes are coming into
the market because the market is dynamic
and changes all the time so that’ll be
all for now guys in our next video we’re
going to talk about something
interesting keep watching keep learning
and keep winning
bye for now

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